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 Stencil Use and Cleaning Instructions

Tutorial Videos

Burning a design onto a cutting board using a stencil and Torch Paste

It takes a while to heat up the torch paste, so feel free to fast forward in some areas.  This is one of my favorite ways to use my Chalk & Mesh stencils.

Stenciling a Child's T-Shirt

For fabrics, make sure to use a sticky mat under the top layer.  I use Speedball fabric ink for most of my fabric projects.

Bleaching a Design Onto a T-shirt, Part 1

To make this work better, you need to thicken the bleach with "Thick It".  "Thick It" is a liquid thickener for people who have swallowing problems.  You can find it in the pharmacy area of most stores, or on Amazon.  The bleach mix should be a pudding consistency.

Bleaching a Design Onto a T-shirt, Part 2

Sorry for leaving you alone for so long.  You can fast forward that part.  LOL

Decorating a Coffee Cup

I stopped recording a little early.  Check out the picture below for the finished product.  I used an eye makeup applicator to clean up the flaws.

Christmas Design Stenciled Onto a
Dollar Tree Tray.

I used two colors on this tray.  It was a little tricky with out the right tool.  For stenciling in small spaces, I would recommend a Detailed Squeegee.  They are great in tight spots and with small details.
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