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Bella Grace is a faith-based month to month club, not a subscription.  Just purchase the ones you want, and we will send a reminder to your email with the details of the next month's shipment. Choose from this month's box, 3 monthly boxes, or 6 monthly boxes. Only one shipping fee will be charged on the 3 and 6 monthly boxes (a savings of $11.90 on the 3 monthly boxes, and $29.75 on the 6 monthly boxes).


Each monthly stencil box features one 9"x11" silkscreen stencil or stencil set, 2-3 sample chalk paints, an applicator, care and use instructions, and tips and suggestions. The only things you need to supply are the choice of surface and your imagination.


Boxes are shipped out between the 18th and 25th of each month.








September Stencil Box

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