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Wood Burning Kit - Cutting Board

Wood Burning Kit - Cutting Board


Get the wood burned look with out being an artist or burning your fingers.  This kit includes everything you need to design an 8" x 12" cutting board the easy way with Torch Paste.  It contains the cutting board, "Blessed Definition" stencil, a sample size of Torch Paste (jar shown in photo is larger than a sample size), and a medium squeegee.


The cutting board is  8" x 12" x 5/8" and has a juice groove and grips carved into it. You can burn in the design on the front or back.  After burning in the design, just seal it with butcher block oil.  NOTE:  You will need a heat gun of at least 1000 watts or that gets up to 400 degrees or more.  You can also use a heat press if you have one.

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