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Stencil Tutorials

Burning a design onto a cutting board using a stencil and Torch Paste

It takes a while to heat up the torch paste, so feel free to fast forward in some areas.  This is one of my favorite ways to use my Chalk & Mesh stencils.

Decorating a Coffee Cup

I stopped recording a little early.  Check out the picture below for the finished product.  I used an eye makeup applicator to clean up the flaws.


Stenciling a mini chalk board and washing the stencil.

I'm using one of my mini stencil kits in this video, then I show you how to wash out the stencil. 

Adding multiple colors to a t-shirt with mini squeegee brushes.

Part 1

Part 2

I used the stencil twice, once for the black areas, then I washed and dried the stencil and used it to do the flowers and butterfly.  I used painter's tape to cover the areas I wasn't coloring, then I used the mini squeegee paint brushes to add color to the small areas.

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